The most dramatic marketing adventure in business history

In Odyssey John Sculley reveals the key events and marketing techniques that catapulted him from being head of Pepsi-Cola Co. to leader of the most innovative company of all - Apple Computer. It is a riveting story and a book full of powerful marketing lessons.

Pepsi's youngest-ever vice president, John Sculley, launched - and won - the Cola Wars. Then, at what looked like the pinnacle of his career, he astounded the business world by rising to a challenge from Steven Jobs - a brilliant college dropout and founder of the high-risk Apple Computer Company: 'Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want to change the world?'

Odyssey is Sculley's vividly told account of the series of successes and disasters - including what went wrong in his turbulent relationship with Steve Jobs, and why Sculley eventually sacked him - that marked Apple's transformation from entrepreneurial upstart to one of America's best-run Fortune 500 corporations.

As a leader in both the traditional corporate world and now the revolutionary world of Apple, John Sculley embodies a bridge to the future. Odyssey is his clear-sighted vision of the twenty-first century, and required reading for all who wish to prosper in it.

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