'Even if you don't know a byte from a bagel, this book will grip you on page one and hold you as ferociously as the best mystery stories do'

Clifford Stoll had just started work running a huge central computer at a Berkeley lab when he was given the job of figuring out why the carefully kept user accounts were out by 75 cents.

From this tiny beginning began a hunt for a mysterious hacker who was using the Californian computer as an electronic way station to infiltrate dozens of other systems - including the most sensitive military, scientific and intelligence networks in America.

Obsessed with the need to uncover the hacker's identity, Stoll stalked his every move, setting up a sting operation that finally exposed an international spy ring selling secrets to the KGB.

'Robust and very funny story of a laid back fella kicking pompous authority into action'
'Gripping techno thriller. Because it's a true story it's also important. Anyone involved with computer security ought to read this book'

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