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Last updated: 1 February 2006

NEW New Anal Probe for iPod

Now on-line: a report on my visit to the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at Melbourne's ACMI

Twin Peaks & David Lynch
Day of Defeat
Twin Peaks and the Whitechapel Murders
explores the connection between Jack the Ripper, Leland Palmer and TP

Bible symbolism in Twin Peaks
explains the complex links between TP symbolism and the Holy Bible

Make a 'damn fine' cherry pie!
will show you a fantastic recipe for a killer cherry pie, just like in TP!

Mulholland Drive: through a mirror darkly
explains how a single verse in the Bible can help to understand aspects of David Lynch's movie Mulholland Drive

A modification for Half-Life.

IMPROVED iDoD page - posters of DoD infantry classes inspired by the colours of iPod TV and print ads...

Tactical, squad-level street fighting based in the Western theatre of the Second World War.

The best mod for Half-Life by far; with addictive and unbeatable gameplay that will have you glued to the screen for hours on end.

DoD textures turn Matrix-like... Sometimes your game textures will go a bit funny. Have a look at what happened to a couple of my DoD sessions.

The Leica 'S' for today's photographer
discusses the advantages of using Leica's thread-mount rangefinder cameras

The case for black and white
explains why b&w pictures are a better option for most occassions
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Recommended Books
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"The site that makes your computer stupider"

Home of the Crunch Bus, Barfing Tomatoes... and the weekly Uncle Deercamp Show that's so damned funny it's probably illegal.


Something a little different - an amazingly soothing game where you float in space and bounce off moving platforms to hit your target,a 'spinner'. Try the demo and see what you think. Available for three operating environments and a Linux version is in development.

This site has entertaining and rational articles about the current state of Apple and things Macintosh. Especially interesting is the author's 'parlay' theory of the reason behind the Mac's low market share.

"I talk a lot about poop, boobs, my dog, and my daughter"
Some of my favourite books
is a list of reviews of several books I really liked and recommend

(will try to add more here later...)
B.A.T.T.L.E. Against the Three Letter Extension
explains my crusade to rid the Internet of three letter filename extensions such as '.jpg', '.mpg' and others

Byte-Me magazine interviews Chet Gates
is a mock interview between Chet Gates, CEO Microshaft Corp. and Byte-Me magazine

Recording of Johnnie Tobasco and Chet Gates
is a mock dialogue between undercover law enforcement officer, Johnnie Tobasco and Chet Gates

Why Star Wars works
exposes the production value details which makes Star Wars such a classic

A few photos of me
A few photos taken inside my old house

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